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everything is agreed to, and the parties are still far apart on a wide rge of issues. >> this week on "inside washinington," still no deal on the debteiling. >> we do not support cuts in benefits for social security and medicare. >> will democrats ever touch the thd rail of american politics? will republicans ever consider raisingg taxes? >> we are not going to raise taxes on the arican people. >> mitromney is running first in new hampshire, michele bachmann is winning the hearts oil's conservative christians. >> -- iowa'conservaves christians. >> i am impressed with your
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christian background. >> the president discovers twitter. rupert murdoch's tablo gia "news of the world" is dead of shame. >> we have a fundamently breached a truswithur readers. captionened byhe national captioning institute >> for the record, unemployment rose to 9.2% last month even though the economy added 18 at thousand jobs. still no deal on the debt limit. they are going to work over the weekend. the president and speaker boehner are talking about a plan that would cut $4 trillion in government spending over the next 10-15 years. how do you do that? how do you increase revenues? close tax loopholes, which is tax reductions? will republicans dare to do that? will democrats sign off o on cuts
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in medicare d social security? >> democrats, sucked it up. but the entitlements on the table, make sure at the end of the day that these are programs that serve the public. >> dick durbin, a democratic senate whip. all sounds so reasonable, nina? why cannot get it done? >> i don't know why. i do know why. if you look at the polling data, the american public wants no changes in social security, medicare medicaid bridge at the democrats, -- medicare, medicaid. at the democrats having desires of winning back house, don't want to go there. the republicans have a flag of new members and elected on a pledge of no new taxes. nobody is dealing with the reality. anybody on this panel, two of us could make a deal, but they cannot. >> why can they not, charles?
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>> nancy pelosi is the definition of a reaction. little. she wants no changes in entitlements. social security was created in the 1930's, what life expectancy was 62. it is now 80. everybody over the age of nine knows that there are easy ways you can approach it. if and they are not prepared to means test entitlements, which means the rich will pay more and the poor will pay less, which you would think in liberal alike, -- a liberal what alike sharing the sacrifice and bearing the burden, nothing wl happen. >> colby? >> y you have eibit number one ofof white they it cannot reach a deal as my friend charles expressed. if you start with nancy pelosi iis the reason, you leave out the rigid position of the republicans against tax increases.
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you see why we are a this impasse. i would rather be here anyway. the president was denounced for putting forth a budget that does not address entitlements. i did not think for o second that he would go through the year and ntt try to do something abt it. at he did was he allowed republicans to go first. they jumped behehind the ryan plan unl the medicare reaction came in then they stepped back up on the curb and said, we will think about making a few little changes. >> evan? >> i actually feel a glimmer of hope. the papers on friday morning "walltreet journal," they are eyeing this deal, john boehner puts the chances at 50-50. obama, finally finally, after l these months of doing nothing, sided with a $4 trillion solution, the big solution which includes tax reform and dealing with entitlements. maybe i am a whistling past the graveyard, but for the first time, i feel a tiny bit of help
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they can get this done. >> did we hear a suggestion from john boehner this week that a bank might consider an increase in tax revenues? -- that date might consider an increase in tax revenues? >> if you sync social security, not a crazy idea, that is a tax increase -- > it is not a tax increase, it is a reduction in benefits. >> obama has, so far, thrown in the palace. says he wants of the polls close, but that -- he says he wants loopholes closed, but that kind of increase does not get you very far. where do you cut? you have to cut everywhere, especially entitlements, especially defense. but you also have to out tax increases. >> has obama at thrown in the towel? >> that is not true.
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obama, as i understand it, as presented a range of options. the outside one was $4 trillion. the little group decided to drop through the weekend about getting to the big one $4 trillion which would include tax reform, maybe lowering tax rates a little bit getting rid of a lot of loopholes. we're talking big money. and doing something on social security and medi-scare. this could easily collapse, but for the first time, -- and medicare. this could easily collapse, but for the first time, you have the leader of the country and the principal legislators doing something. >> but the leader of the country past to meet. this is language he has used for two -- "i am happy to discuss" -- it is not discussion time, it is crunch time. why have we not heard one proposal from the president? the republicans have made a lot.
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specificic what are you going to do on medicare? >> this is such a circular argument we' having herere. some of us, if you of oz, one of us -- [laughter] had an idea earlier in the year that it would come to this. "come into my parlor, said the spider to the fliy." in came the republicans with the ryan plan, that there had to hand it to them politically -- i am not saying they are substantivelyrong -- a and tying the reductions to the debt limit to force them to c come to the table and talk about making changes. i don't see that as dithering on the sidelines at all. it is a strategy he is pursuing. >> let me give you just one example of a measure. for example, medicare
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eligibility starts at 65. social security is higher. it is indexed in the greenspan amendments of the early 1980's and is now in the 60's. why are they different? it makes no sense at all. a serious proposal is to sync ages and index them to longevity.
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>> i made clear that we e would not increase the debt without real cuts s in spending and real changes about the way wspend american people's money. . >> they must ask themselves if they want to be a party like david brooks, conservive, described, no matter how great the consequences are to our nation.
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>> the senate majority leader is talking about conservative "new york times" columnist david brooks' column, saying that the republicans have been affected by a faction that is more a psychological protest than a practical alternative. its members charles don't accept the logic of compromise. >> forgive me, i have to correct your copy again. he is a great columnist but he's not conservative. he is a moderate. >> moderate conservative. >> no, he is a moderate. >> moderate. he is open to all views. i think the republicans are correct. when you listen to eric cantor, john boehner, we are ready for tax reform. it was done in the mid-19's, a great piece of legislation. you get the fairness, the rich
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don't have the it manages while having lobbyists create loopholes and exploit them, and you stimulate economic growth because the loopholes are in and of themselves distorting economically and the low rates encourage economic activity. that is what republicans have been asking for, not to eliminate a loophole here and there, which in the end amounts to absolutely nothing. >> "validity of the public debt of the united states shall not be questioned." section 4 amendment 14 of the u.s. constitution. what did they ever invoke that? >> i doubt it, but it is a very good bargaining chip. if the president and go to that, he could make the argument that under the 14th amendment, he does not need congress to raise the debt limit. ofourse, it would go to court and drag out. it is not what happened but it is a bargaining chip. >> the treasury secretary
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brought it up. >> it is not a bargaining chip at all. it is a death warrant if he doess something like that. how do you go against decades decades of legislation where it year after year, the debt limit has been raised by the congress and the president has requested it? whether it is a democratic congress republican congress, democratic president republican president. one ronald reagan was confronted with the same issue he said in 1993 "the full consequences of the defaults or even the serious prospect of default are impossible to preredict and also to contemplate, putting the full faith and credit of the united states in jeopardy is a terrible thing to do." that is what this group of republicans, unlnlike past republicans, have done. david brooks had his finger on something. >> every generation -- these
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conservatives are lousy and the old ones -- like reagan anasnostalgia. >> we love to sit on this show and talk about partisanship and i burned a lot of trees doing it myself. but we are at a historic moment here, folks. >> terrifying moment. >> we could have a default, absolutely terrifying. or we could have a real deal that it is clear on, tax reform on the revenue side, entitlement reform. we could be at that moment where the president of the united states says that is what he wants to do. >> do you agree with that david burke said this group of republicans have no moral decency or economic theory worthy of the name? >> the extremes doubt bu -- don't but john boehner w often talks the views of the nuts --
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>> can i get a word in here? >> is a responsible guy and he can pull this off. >>it is a good bargaining -- "they are crazy they are crazy." it is that valuable bargaining chip for him. >> it is nice being on a show where ad hominems are not used. liberals are always thought about yesterday's conservatives. everybody today warships ronald reagan. i lived through the ronald reagan era and liberals considered him an amiable dunce and a threat to civilization. on the question of the 14th amendment, it would end up under the jurisdiction of john roberts as the head of the impeachment court in the senate. that is not going to happen. >> evan, i feel like is groundhog day. we have been talking about this stuff or 20 years the need to
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fix entitlements. everybody says we have to do it, and nobody does anything, here we are. >> t this the most historic weekend of the obama p presidency by far. there isctually the chance to block the deal doubles to cure our economic future. -- to pull off the deal that will secure our economic future. obama actually has a chance to be the leader that he wants to be. i think it will get him reelected if he does it, even though everybody will be squawking and the planning. this is his absolute moment of test as a leader. >> what about the seniors? >> that is what true leadership is. he has to be able to persuade his base he is doing the right thing for them, preserving social security entitlements, preservingng democracy. believe me, if we don't control this debt thing, we are on the road to becoming priegreece.
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>> 20 years of talalking about it, getting no action at all aall of a sudden, two years intnto s presidency, three years, we have real movement on tons issue. dodon't -- >> i have not moved an inch -- >> look at where we are now. >> $4.50 trillion extra in debt is where we are now. .
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>> there were some people in the last campaign who said, i wonder what would happen if we elect as the president someone who does not had experience. and now we know, it is not so good. >> that was tt romney campaigning in new hampshi leading in the polls and
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michelle bachmann, campaigning for himself in iowa. she spoke at ahurch about our inalienable rights as americans having been endowed by god. it makes sense politically for both of them, doesn't it? >> it does, and everybody is falling the predictable course, but everybody is waiting for the governor of texas toet in, the other shoe to drop. >> or not. >> the course we are on now, it looks like it mitt romney will back into the nominationn. >> look of the money he raised. >> he raised $20 million, but the expectation was much higher than that. what does that say about his fundraising ability? the other thing that has happened is a sort of ckhanded criticism that has come michele bachmann's way because of preferences -- her references to god.
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the event you are talking about was before an evangelical congregation. she did not get into politics -- >> she quotedhe declaration of independence, thomas jefferson. >> she tked about how she came to her fate, which was not critical of the president -- how she came to her fate, but she was not critical of the president or protestant. -- or partisan. >> a large percentage of the people she wants to reach our like-minded -- are likeminded. >> mike huckabee did very well with that same constituency. >> speaking of gov. perry, the only thing holding him that this could he raise the money and put the infrastructure in place at this date? there is bad blood between the perry forces and the forces of george w. bush, and since this
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is "inside washington," we should not fail to mention that. that is going on behind the scenes as well. >> the president to raise up to $60 million. i wonder if it at some point the american people will get fed up. >> at a certain point is diminishing returns. it will be a referendum on obama, unless a nut is nominated on the republican side -- >> of which they have many to choose from. >> that was said it ironically -- do i have to explain the jokes here? if the debt reduction talks succeed, it will deideologize the election. obama will have to concede on entitlements, republicans on taxes. abel end of an election on the state of the economy and on stewardship, and stewardship is
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a mitt romney's strong point. he is the one who benefits if an agreement happens. >> the president is on twitter th week, has been on youtube and facebook, has got to energize the youth vote. the question is, is it going to be enough? >> he still has to hold onto his base, and his base is very unhappy at this point. they here talk about making anges in the entitlement programs which are necessary but they don't want to hear that. there is serious grumbling taking place.
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>> absolutely. >> that is a former editor and reporter of "news of the world," now defunct because rupert murdoch's company has killed it because they were packih -- hacking into voice-mails families of soldiers killed. even by british tabloids -- >> when you say that, it is moving the corporate rupert murdoch made a lot of money in this world, appealing to salacious instance, naked girls and murders. is coming around to haunt him in. he is an extraordinary operators of people get away from this, but closing a newspaper? the media conglomerate owns the fox tv, "wall street journal" --
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>> which is why this is on page one of "the new york times." >> and "the washington post." murdoch is just about to buy complete control of a big network, television network, and at is in doubt now. what you see is in england and this is happening and in italy, silvio berlusconi owns a huge portion of the media. fox on television did not have anything about this on its website. you have to worry a about this in a democracy. >> the question is not the size of the ownership, it is the breakdown and ethics at "news of the world." they went far beyond the pale. it ought to be shut down. he will come back with something else. >> not immoral amoral. >> it is indefensible. it started out as tapping into
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celebrities and the royals and everybody was atwitter about that but when it became about a dead girl and the dead soldiers, as you said, it became utterly beyond the pale. rupert murdoch is, if nothing else decisive. he shut down the paper in three days and did exactly the right thing. >> last word, see you next week. worker #1: over 8,000 people have jobs in ohio thanks to whirlpool. worker #2: and one reason whirlpool is in ohio is freight rail. worker #3: we ship tens of millions of appliances every year. worker #1 1 or 2: washers, dryers, ovens. worker #4: and freight rail helps get them from warehouse to your house. vo: freight rail businesses across this country rely on it.
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